The Company follows a strong vigil mechanism framework and has adopted a Whistle blower Policy on January 21, 2015, along with the Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. The Whistle blower Policy is the mechanism to help the directors, employees of the Company and all external stakeholders to raise their concerns about any malpractice, impropriety, abuse or wrong doing at an early stage and in the right way, without fear of victimization, subsequent discrimination or disadvantage.

The Policy encourages to raise concerns within the Company rather than overlooking a problem. All complaints under this Policy are reported to the Head – Management Assurance, who is independent of operating management and business. Complaints can also be sent to the designated E-Mail ID: The Head – Management Assurance reviews the complaint and may investigate it himself or may assign another person to investigate or assist in investigating the complaint.

The Whistleblower Policy also contains mechanism of redressal available for directors, employees of the Company and all external stakeholders, if they feel that they had been retaliated against, due to disclosure of concern and have the right to access the Audit Committee. The Whistle blower Policy has also been extended to external stakeholders like vendors, customers, etc.